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To you, O Jewel of the Society is a heart-touching book compiled by Darussalam. It is about women in Islam and their importance. It sheds light on matters regarding their education and upbringing. The book gives a detail description of the believing, righteous muslim women and explains the importance of hijab. It is a must-read for all Muslim women and would consume very little of their time as it only contains 24 pages.

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Publisher’s Note

Women hold an important place in Islamic society that is not lesser than that the men hold. The dignity, respect, nobility and honor of a family depend upon the conduct, manner and behavior of the women of that family. It is the grand responsibility of the women to train and teach their children all the manners and beliefs that Islam urges us to adopt.

But before that, muslim women should learn first the Islamic teachings so that they can guide their family members towards them.

We have published this book to serve this purpose. It briefly describes points necessary for a woman to seek knowledge, pass them on to her family members, act upon them herself and take care that they also act upon them.

In fact, this is a guide book to maintain a good family in the light of Islam so as to reap benefits and rewards. Allah will surely reward those who obey His Orders and want to avoid indecency in this world.

May Allah help us all to follow the Straight Path and bless us in this regard.

Abdul Malik Mujahid
General Manager, Darussalam

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