Those Who Backbite & Slander


Shazia Nazlee | Darussalam

Surat al “Humazah”

The evil consequences of backbiting & slandering in context with this Surah mubarak is explained in this beautiful book.

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“Those who backbite and slander”, by Darussalam, is a colorful book, featuring interesting pictures for children. The book is about people who backbite and slander others and it teaches children why they should not be getting involved in such activities.

In the beginning, the book features verses of Surah Al Humazah and then reveals details on the negative effects of this action and how it affects the muslim society. It also features the advice of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to muslims about slander and backbiting and how they can stay away from this sin. It is a good alternative to the regular books found in the market and can serve as a good addition to moral science books for primary classes in Schools.

There is a 1-page activity section at the end of the book to test the knowledge gained and to make learning interactive with the use of the following activities: ‘Which statement is backbiting?’.

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